Top home decor colors to inspire you for your home planning.  Not every color scheme is for you but the below will at least gives you an idea of what you might want for your home.


This is one of the all time favorite!  To bring home part of your vacation, you can always create using beach color scheme which will create that same effect.  To enhance further, get some nautical home decorations which will complete the resort beach style you have always wanted.

Suggested color scheme

#fdfefe | #288e7c | #5db7a9 | #9acdc1 | #fld4b7 | #eae3d8

beach color scheme top home decor colors in blue tones with light pink and lilac
beach home decor ideas top home decor colors


Warm cozy home with a splash of mustard on grey and orangey tones.  Without  turning from warm to  “hot”, do ensure that bright orange color is not overly used.   Instead, you could decorate your home with more natural colors items like basket planter and rattan made products.

Suggested color scheme

#ede5d8 | #e0d8ca | #e4b153 | #e19813 | #ff8a2b | #f97306

cosy warm colors top home decor colors orange gold light grey
mustard yellow throw blanket on grey sofa lifestyle shot top home decor colors


For the Cheery peeps!   This color scheme brings out the sunshine and happiness in you and to your home.  Decorate with solid soft color furniture and match it with colorful decoration accessories.

Suggested color scheme

#f2e6b5 | #f5dd7c | #f9d130 | #f0281f | #ec4a42 | #ee6a63

top home color scheme colorful orange pink boho bright colors
colorful boho cushion cover lifestyle shot top home decor colors


Cool Dark teal wall color always brings a modern style when you match it with animals prints wall art decoration or display.  You could add some gold decoration accessories which will definitely match with this awesome color scheme.

Suggested color scheme

#606b76 | #046b70 | #044041 | #e6b8bb | #bf8841 | #d3a841

teal color scheme of teal light pink gold top home decor colors
teal wall color scheme with animal prints top home decor colors


White & Black has always been the classic clean look for a modern home.  Best match with solid or geometrical shapes accessories or black and white wall decor.

Suggested color scheme

#23211e | #e2deda | #c9c5c2 | #aeaeae | #999997 | #85807a

black and white color scheme
black and white design color scheme top home decor colors


boho dreamcatcher ring wall hanging decoration living room decoration lifestyle shot of bedroom decoration with basket table and vase with dried flowers
new year resolution ideas

Boho decor or Bohemian theme has been gaining popularity for the past few years.  So what exactly is Boho?   Boho is all about being carefree, relaxed, culture and life.  Free Spirit! The freedom to mix and match things and being different.  

New year resolution ideas to kick start a fresh new beginning for 2021

It is the time of the year where we TURN THE PAGES and look forward to 2021!  2020 was a tough one for everyone affecting our lives.