BOHO DECOR IDEAS – Boho decor or Bohemian theme has been gaining popularity for the past few years.  So what exactly is Boho?   Boho is all about being carefree, relaxed, culture and life.  Free Spirit! The freedom to mix and match things and being different.  Get some inspiration from our below recommendation on boho home accessories which could create that Boho Home look for you!

Suggested boho color palettes

#eb634f | #ec9a8e | #bb9190 | #8d6666 | #bda77a | #deddca

boho decor idea color palette pink tone

#f8f8f9 | #4881ec | #d74126| #ffd84f| #f5df92 | #f2f3af

boho decor idea color palette colorful boho palette


Boho Decor Idea #1 – Dream catcher which are usually handmade willow hoop rings using  woven technics that comes in different colors and shapes.  Most of them comes with feathers and beads.   Instead of traditional ring shape, the trend has evolved into moon, stars and heart shapes. To decorate your rooms, you could hang them near your windows or by hanging on walls.


Natural wooden bead garland that are simple yet beautiful and works as a perfect complement to your boho home decoration.  You could hang it anywhere and in anyway you want it.  Try hanging it on your shelf, bedside or over a glass bottle.


Tapestry is something that you have to include in a Boho decoration.  You could consider them as a statement piece as they are mainly hanged on the walls.  There are two types of Tapestry.   First, throw blanket format of tapestry which you could either use for your sofa or hang it on your bedroom wall as a wall art.     And the other type will be knitted tapestry which are rectangular and comes with tassels.


Mix hanging wall tapestry with Mirrors and some other decorations or keep it simple with a long mirror with tapestry and tassels.    Mirrors that could create the Boho effect are mirrors that are made from straws, rattan or tapestry mirror with tassels.


Adding a touch of Boho elements on to your solid colored sofa, try matching with cushion covers which comes with tassels.  You could either go with matching colors as the Tapestry or choose a bright colorful cushion cover  to contrast the design.


beach home decor ideas top home decor colors

Top home decor colors to inspire you for your home planning.  Not every color scheme is for you but the below will at least gives you an idea of what you might want for your home.